Bipasha Basu features in a condom Ad with husband Karan Singh

Bipasha Basu features in a condom Ad with

October 24, 2017 moGossip

After Pooja Bedi,  Sunny Leone and Ranveer Singh, Bipasha Basu is the latest tinsel town celeb to join the banter of contraceptive commercials. This is rather a bold move as Celebs usuaally shy from shooting Condom Ads fearing for their image. Rubber Ads are still considered a taboo in this modern age.

The brand is PlayGaurd Condoms and Bipasha is seen in a minute long sequence with mate Karan Singh Grover. Bipasha looks foxy and alluring and hubby Grover looks sexed-up. His muscles are to die for. In the ad they are seen indulging in sensuous foreplay. This is the second time they have appeared together onscreen after the movie Alone.

Bips uploaded some pictures of the shoot on her Instagram account. She remaked “In a country that has the second largest population in the world, we still have taboos on just the words sex and condoms, but not the actual act. Let’s talk more, read more, and learn more about simple precautions. With condoms, you can have planned pregnancies and protected sex, which can curb HIV and STD cases. As a couple, Karan and I believe in this that’s why we have thoughtfully endorsed it.”

Bips received a lot of flak for her daring move, but she has taken it cordially and says she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Bips whose nickname is Bonnie has proved again how ballsy she is aand can break stereotypes within the drop of a hat.


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