Buzzing exclusive stories from the sets of Padmavati. From accidents, to injuries, to pshychiatric help to surprises. We reveal

Buzzing exclusive stories from the sets of

October 27, 2017 by Admin moGossip

Ladies and gentlemen, all hail Sanjay Leela Bhansali fashioning one masterpiece after the other. Each of his projects are sedate, antiquated, prehistoric , elegant and fuel a lot of controversy. A lot.

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Padmavati is again is no exception and has generated a lot of stardust and golddust. Here we bring some rare snippets straight from the sets.

  1. Aditi Rao hydari whose character is the wife of Alauddin Khilji was not seen in the trailer. Aditi reveals that she was wraping up her part two days prior to the trailer launch.

  2. Ranveer Singh who entirely soaked into the character of Aluaiddin Khilji was tormented by it’s aftereffects. He had to take psychiatric help to snap out of that dark and negative personage.

  1. Deppika Padukone was deeply disturbed by the self-immolation jauhar scene in the film. When the shoot for it transpired Deepika remembered her own dark phase that crumbled her and she was visibly jolted. However she concluded the scene like a professional.

  2. There was an evident cold vibe between the two leading men of Padmavati. Shahid and ranveer did not look each other in the eye and avoided each other as much as possible. Ranveer was also upset as he had a meatier part before Shahid was roped in by Bhansali and after Shahid’s entry his part was chunked up.

  3. Bhansali makes Deepika look prettier onscreen says KJo. Deepika is eternally beautiful but Bhansali makes her look more beautiful.

  4. Ranveer singh’s Character is bisexual in Padmavati. Bhansali has showcased khilji’s peculiar fixation with his slave generalMalik Kafur.

  1. Ranveer was injured while shooting climax of the film and was rushed to hospital.

  2. Shahid kapoor felt that his role in the film was underplayed in the trailer. He felt his capabilities were not aptly represented in the film.


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