Vishwas Gupta was in a conjugal bliss of 11 years before Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insaan seduced his

Vishwas Gupta was in a conjugal bliss of 11

October 28, 2017 by MoGossip Team moGossip

The trailer of MSG Messenger of God goes like a declaration from Ram Rahim. It says”Koi kehta hai hume bhagwaan, koi kehta hai sant toh koi kehta hai farishta. Magar hum toh hai ek inssan”


And humans are prone to mistakes, lies, cheating, deceit, plundering and all sorts of vices. So is Baba Gurmeet and his adopted angelic daughter Honeypreet.

Honeypreet insaan was born Priyanka Taneja and was married to affluent Vishwas Gupta a person of important political connections. It was a big leap for her as she came from a very humble family.

Vishwas was the one who introduced his wife Priyanka to Dera Sacha Sauda chief, Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Ram Rahim took a fancy to Priyanka’s ethereal beauty and invited the couple to stay at his personal quarters. Vishwas caught them red-handed in the act and claimed that Gurmeet ram rahim threatened him death if he spoke about this to anyone. Vishwas moved a case to court in 2011 and was later silenced and withdrew the case and signed an out of court settlement.

After Honeypreet’s arrest he chose to break his silence and speak about his broken marriage. According to him Honeypreet stamped on his heart and their happiness in order to become Papa’s angel. She was always very dutiful and we were happy so I was not aware she had this ambitious side to her. Avarice was besetting in her and she abandoned our marriage and accepted him as a second husband.

She would spend maximum time in Baba’s cave and started becoming like him more and more everyday. Gurmeet Ram Rahim wanted a child from her that would have cover of Vishwas Gupta’s name and he planned to declare him as the next Heir of Dera Sacha Sauda.

I feel no pity for her and her condition. She has brought this upon herself by her choice and discretion. Her tears will do little to move anyone as this is all a mess of her own making.


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