Case against Nawazuddin for outraging the modestyof Women in his

Case against Nawazuddin for outraging the modestyof Women in his Life

November 2, 2017 moGossip

Nawazuddin takes off memoir: An Ordinary Life as a result of flak and admonition.

Gangs of Wasseypur actor is withdrawing his memoir post criticism and accusations. He has been blamed of “exploiting and disrespecting” women to sell his book.Following that his good sense prevailed and he wrote a public apology on twitter.

“I’m apologizing to everyone whose sentiments are hurt because of the chaos around my memoir ‘An Ordinary Life’ I hereby regret and decide to withdraw my book,” he tweeted.

Nawaz has been accused of misrepresenting facts to sell his book. The memoir is notoriously known was his romantic liaisons and is supplied with insufferable details of his relationships and sexual relations.

Niharika Singh was the first of ladies who blatantly alleged that Nawaz is inflating a fling that lasted only a couple of months. She was agonized by the light in which she was portrayed - a fur adorned women desperately trying to woo Nawaz into her bedroom.

After Niharika another old Sweetheart Sunita Rajwar rubbished Nawazuddin’s tales implying that Nawaz has potrayed a completely romanticized story in his book. She found Nawaz to be a sympathy seeker and clarifies that she was more of a struggler than Nawaz at that time. Also Sunita found out that Nawaz leaked the private details of their relation with a common friend and his portrayal of women disgusted her. Put off by his poor thinking she decided to leave him for good.

Nawaz ‘s depictions of his ladies has also come under legal scrutiny. Gautam Gulati a delhi based advocate has filed a case against Nawaz, with the National Commission of Women (NCW), for "outraging the modesty" of Niharika Singh.

Whether he actually regrets his actions or is just doing to escape the muck of controversies remains to be seen.

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