“Choocha does déjà chu” Watch the insanely hilarious trailer of FUKREY

“Choocha does déjà chu” Watch the

November 14, 2017 moGossip

I can never forget that sly laughter fracas “Fukrey” which released 4 years back. It was such an abstruse movie whose story and characters were brimming with humor and gags yet it had nuances of dark side of life and subtexts of deeper things.

It charmingly composed the struggles of the 4 characters, their despairs, defeats and setbacks in chasing their hopes and wishes but they held the courage to fight back, displaying spunk and spirit to laugh outright on the face of their failures and disappointments.

The movie was a sensation and people were eagerly waiting for a sequel. The Bholi Punjaban was too sassy and a whole lot of ruckus to be easily led away to the gallows.

The wait is over and the trailer of Fukrey return is out. From the looks of it, the sequel is even more hilarious and bonkers than the first installment.

The rare gift of dream telling and deciphering which “Choocha” was endowed with,  goes to a next level wherein he can  foretell the outlines of future.

It’s darn interesting trailer and after watching it I am ticking off days from my calendar waiting for the movie to release. The droll chemistry of Pulkit Samrat and Varun Sharma(Choocha) intensifies in this film and I can’t wait to witness the after story of other characters in this laughter drama.  

Fukrey Returns is slotted for a mid-December release.


Max 150 Characters


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