Bid Adieu to Channel V. Kannada Sports Channel to take Channel V’s Glorious

Bid Adieu to Channel V. Kannada Sports

November 28, 2017 moGossip

Channel V is shutting down my fair ladies and gentleman. We heard this classified information sometime around May last year but dismissed it as another made-up rumor. But the grapevine has it that the Channel V was dying slowly because of low TRP’s and lack of strategic planning for a few years now and it’s now officially shutting down to be replaced by a Kannada sports channel.

Go ask anyman who was a teenager in 90’s and they will tell you that all they watched on TV back then was Channel V and MTV. Channel V magnified the Indie-Pop culture and we loved their cool exciting VJ’s who were popular household names.

Go ask anyone who was a teenager in 90’s and they will tell you they wanted to be an uber cool VJ when they grew up, like Sophia Haque - a sweetheart of V Channel viewership.

With the advent of globalization and other emerging channels naturally the craze of V channel died down in the zeros but it had already created an unforgettable era in 90s and one has to be a 90 teenage product to understand that. Teenagers before and after that period will never be able to relate to that craze and adrenaline pump at the broadcast of their favorite indie pop music or the voice of their idol VJ.

V channel has also given us some epic shows to which we were hooked like devout fans. I can never forget “Dil Dosti Dance” and my favorite couple “Kriyansh.” I was in college those days and the show felt like bliss to watch as I found a symmetry in my collge life and show’s college cameos. It was like living my dream college life and I fervidly wanted to be a “Dazzling”

Axe Ur Ex was another exciting affair and I still giggle when I remember those goof ups and pranks on the unfaithful lovers who had wronged their better halves.

“Gumrah” had me hooked for a different reason. It gave me the thrills and chills at the same time. It was so addictive that I never missed an episode and those episodes were the topic of discussions in our college canteen and favorite hangouts. Aaaah!! Those were the days.

And how can I forget VJ ANDY and his stellar anchoring of Dare 2 Date and their rib-tickling misalliances.

Star Plus has given the call to close Channel V and its time we have to Bid Adieu to a bombastic part of our lives. I wish I could say Au Revoir instead but that’s not happening. The present shows that V channel was airing will be shifted to HotStar.

Please commemorate Channel V with us by sharing your favorite memory of Channel V, favorite VJ, series, dialogue or any snippet and your opinions in our comment section.

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