10 viral posts that Fooled us this

10 viral posts that Fooled us this

December 31, 2017 moGossip

This time of year, we pause to take stock of what happened in the year that has passed. Although there were plenty of policy developments to dislike in 2017, in the spirit of the holidays, we are bring out 10 viral post that certainly fooled us this year .

1. Fake 200 Rupee Note


A fake image of a Rs 200 note, revealing all talked about security features went viral.


2. The wedding invite



After the Virushka wedding went on to become a crazy phenomenon on the internet, someone decided to create a fake wedding invitation for Mukesh Ambani’s son – Akash Ambani. The clip went viral and Reliance Industries Ltd. had to come out with an official clarification.


3. The illuminating Indian subcontinent



A photograph of an illuminated map of the Indian subcontinent in the night claiming that it was clicked on Diwali went viral. Though it turned out that the image had been posted on an astronaut’s Flickr account nearly a month before Diwali.


4.The Golden Temple


Another photoshopped picture of a beautifully lit Golden Temple during Diwali went viral.


5.The G20 summit

A fake photograph of eminent world leaders at the G20 summit went viral and eventually became a popular meme.


6.The Deer and Cheetahs


This perfectly-timed picture was real, however, the story that the deer sacrificed his life to cheetahs was untrue.


7.The Shark

During the Hurricane Harvey in the US, an image of a shark on the streets went viral. It was morphed.


8.The Cobra with several heads


A fake video of a seven-headed cobra collected millions of views.


9. The Angelina Jolie lookalike


The Angelina Jolie lookalike turned into a ‘zombie after 50 surgeries’ also turned out to be false.


10. The image of illuminated monuments


Kiran Bedi was among other celebrities who fell prey to fake stories. She ended up posting fake pictures of monuments lit up in tricolor.

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