Divas who are redefining female protagonist in

Divas who are redefining female protagonist in Bollywood

January 6, 2018 moGossip

It’s no more just a lovey dovey petite role for all who wish to be actresses in the India Film Industry

The India Film Industry is coming of age, it seems so when one sees Vidya Balan taking home the Best Actress award for movies like Tumhari Sulu at Star Screen Awards 2017 or when we see Kagana Ranaut taking a stand and not brushing aside stuff as personal and private along with films rocking at box office.

Movies such as Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Queen, Tanu Weds Manu, Lipstick Under My Burkha and Secret Superstar not only made their mark at BOX Office but also happened to be the toast of gossip circles because of the leading ladies in it who took on off league roles/movies and delivered power packed performances which rocked on box office too, most importantly. The movies which focused more on the content characterization and its enactment than the location, looks- female lead being beyond mere objects of lust - an important message, especially in context to the society which is completely drawn by the Indian Film Industry …actors and actresses and their lifestyles etc. 

Names such as Vidya Balan or Bhumi Pednekar (who didn’t care making a Bollywood debut with a role requiring to gain 90Kg), Shefali Shah, Swara Bhaskar, Ratna Pathak Shah, Zara Wasim and yes how can we forget our Queen … Kangana Ranaut - actresses have stood for roles and opportunities which are beyond looks. 


Choosing or rather being Chosen (either ways) for characters / movies that deal with a host of societal problems like sexism, ageism, parental pressure, inequality and insecurity is hopefully a sign of our film industry moving beyond hourglass figure, out of the world locations and chiffon sarees etc. and getting more realistic even in the mainline stream. ...  


Jaw dropping statements by leading ladies who have walked a line other than being a part of objectification and lust such as Vidya Balan’s recent statement on being asked if she will loose weight for glamorous roles: “I am very happy with the kind of work I'm doing but it would be really great if you people could change your mindset.” 


Illeana D'Çruz to the stalkers and those who trolled her for her relationship with the Australian: I don’t have to be this smiling face for the public. I am a public figure but I am not public property,”


Ratna Pathak Shah on actresses under no pressure to take work for survival should start saying no to movies like Dabangg where they are nothing more than objects of lust


the one by the Queen Kangana Ranaut: "As a woman, we don't have to hope to get our dues. We need to get up and get it ourselves."  makes the buzz in the Bollywood world loud and clear that its no more just a lovey dovy petite role for all who wish to be actresses in the India Film Industry…but hopefully much more and beyond that  for those looking for portraying role with substance.

Max 150 Characters


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