Why Artificial Intelligence is the future

January 13, 2018 moGossip

Artificial Intelligence was considered as a fiction and not a reality few decades back but with the processing power we see now AI is becoming reality. From self-driven cars or virtual reality anything is possible in AI as systems could do extraordinary things which is not a possibility if done by humans. Elon Musk the founder of “Tesla” and “SpaceX” said A.I has huge potential in future and has his own company OpenAI. He feels that A.I could make it a possibility for robots to destruct human race in future.

With a loads of data created in the digital age there is huge potential for AI. Some say that AI systems can complete all the tasks that are hazardous to humans. Robots could also help to solve the climate changes and give rise to Cyborg technology in which robots form an intelligence higher than humans. By gathering information of all the medical emergencies we could create smart solutions which would have tremendous implications on quality of life.

Many companies have already started using AI for market research so they can beat competition. In future there is demand for skills in AI and ordinary tasks will be automated. Facial recognition and voice assists have only been possible coz of AI. These technologies are enhancing at an exponential rate and are embellishing user experience. Stephen Hawking said if this continues at the same rate AI could well be a danger for human race. With so many speculations about AI let us see how far the AI universe will take us.

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